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Crescendo Music Center's comprehensive program

Crescendo Music Center offers private lessons in most instruments and voice, as well as group classes in music theory, choir, and instrumental ensembles.

Our knowledgeable and dedicated teachers bring years of professional experience to the classroom, customizing their approach to provide exceptional instruction for our students while keeping them motivated and engaged.

We encourage our students to gain performance experience by participating in music festivals, recitals, competitions, and music assessments every year.

School affiliations include the National Federation of Music Clubs, Music Teachers National Association, and the National Association for Music Education.

Our music school is for all skill levels, ages, and musical aspirations. With students ranging from toddlers to adults, Crescendo Music Center is where music students receive a music education for a lifetime.

Private Lessons

Students of all ages and experience levels can take lessons with knowledgeable teachers who teach fundamentals of technique, musical expression, and inspire students to progress.

At our school, each student has a program designed specifically for them to meet their learning needs and musical interests. Private instruction moves at a pace that is specific to each student.

Private lesson objectives:

  1. Technique
  2. Sight Reading
  3. Repertoire

Private lessons are 30 minutes or an hour in length and are available in drums, guitar, piano, voice, violin, and viola.

Group Lessons

Students who are part of a musical ensemble build foundational knowledge in a fun environment, meet new friends who share their same interests and form new social circles, boost their self- confidence, develop team skills, reinforce what is learned in their private lessons, and are more engaged and motivated.

Group lesson objectives:

  1. Promote teamwork.
  2. Develop analytical, creative, and intuitive understanding of music.
  3. Develop musicianship skills that prepare students for admissions into performing art schools and college programs.

Group lesson are one hour in length, offered to students currently enrolled in private lessons. Classes are available in music theory and choir.

Performance Opportunities

At Crescendo Music Center we believe performing is an important part of the music learning journey. Regular recitals provide the students with the perfect opportunity to enhance their performance skills in front of an audience.

Throughout the year we strive to provide a wide variety of performance opportunities for our students. They participate in local and international competitions, music festivals, community events, annual evaluations in addition to CMC end of the semester recitals. Students perform at exciting places music that is challenging and fun.